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Application field
  • Hydropower Station
    In mid November 8, 2005, Vietnam Lang Son Province Hydropower Station and the mountain rose hydropower station have to call China Huatong Electrical and mechanical group, thanks for Vietnam Lang Son Province Huatong electrical power plant, hill rose hydropower station construction to provide high performance products, and hopes that both sides strengthen cooperation.
    It is understood, Lang Son Province hydropower station design power of 20000 kilowatt, year electricenergy production of approximately 120000000 degrees, is currently the largest hydropower station in vietnam. The mountain rose design of hydroelectric power station power 8000 kilowatt, year electricenergy production of approximately 50000000 degrees. In April this year, two hydroelectric station builds basically, and supporting equipment for the international tender. The electrical and mechanical group company and many domestic enterprises to actively participate in, Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other international electrical giant is also involved in the bidding. Electrical end with excellent quality and superior cost-effective defeats numerous opponents, to obtain the value of about 8000000 yuan of complete sets of equipment and transformer supply contract.
  • The Gorges Project

    In March 9, 2004, Three Gorges Hydropower Corporation for Xiluodu Hydropower Station Construction of the first phase of the tender will be held electrical products, electrical and mechanical group, together with the bid from Schneider, Siemens, Panasonic and other international speculators hands" grab" of a number of complete sets of equipment supply contract.

    Participate in the bidding Huatong Group Wang Gong revealed, through their understanding, this is home appliance enterprises products for the first time in Three Gorges Hydropower Corporation bulk electrical tender at the. According to the Three Gorges Hydropower Corporation responsible for the bidding of equipment department source, Three Gorges Hydropower Corporation all commodities have been adopting international bidding forms of procurement. The China complete sets of equipment bidding, is the quality of the products meet the requirements, the price has advantages.

    Hydropower station is the Three Gorges hydropower company will soon start the construction of another major project, located in the upper reaches of Jinsha River, installed capacity 12600000 kilowatt, year average electricenergy production 57120000000 - 64000000000 kW, second in size only to the Three Gorges hydropower station, hydropower station and the iron gate of hydropower station, will be ranked fourth in the world


  • Daqing oil field

    In June 22, 2005, Daqing refine changes a company to call the electrical and mechanical group, electrical, thanks to excellent products, quality service.

    2004 December, Daqing Petrochemical 300000 tons / year polypropylene project complete sets of electrical procurement tender, more than 100 domestic and foreign well-known electrical production enterprises to participate in bidding. After a match, Huatong Group won about 5000000 yuan worth of complete sets of equipment supply contracts.

    Daqing Petrochemical Company is the current domestic and Southeast Asia's largest single set of production capacity of polypropylene production plant, is a national " revitalize the northeast old industrial base" Daqing one of 5 key projects, is also the key project of oily joint-stock company. The project total investment 1236000000 yuan, the total construction area of 23919m2, after 1 years and 3 months of intense construction, completed in June 22, 2005.

  • Electric power
    Heilongjiang provincial electric power company is in Heilongjiang province electric power business entities and the unified management of power grid enterprise legal person. Heilongjiang province electric power company engaged in power production, construction, management, scientific research, design, education and training, the development of the industry and management and diversified economy, power supply area of 467000 km2, the total number of employees 63600 people.
    By the end of 1997, company of Heilongjiang province power with power generation installed capacity 9435000 kW, 220kV and above transmission lines 7300km, with total assets of 19700000000 yuan, among them fixed assets is worth 17700000000 yuan formerly, turnover amounted to 8070000000 yuan, which is a wholly-owned, holding, equity participation in companies and enterprises in 36, including 9 electric power bureau, 13 power plant, 4 construction enterprise and company 16.