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Electric power
Heilongjiang provincial electric power company is in Heilongjiang province electric power business entities and the unified management of power grid enterprise legal person. Heilongjiang province electric power company engaged in power production, construction, management, scientific research, design, education and training, the development of the industry and management and diversified economy, power supply area of 467000 km2, the total number of employees 63600 people.
By the end of 1997, company of Heilongjiang province power with power generation installed capacity 9435000 kW, 220kV and above transmission lines 7300km, with total assets of 19700000000 yuan, among them fixed assets is worth 17700000000 yuan formerly, turnover amounted to 8070000000 yuan, which is a wholly-owned, holding, equity participation in companies and enterprises in 36, including 9 electric power bureau, 13 power plant, 4 construction enterprise and company 16.