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In mid November 8, 2005, Vietnam Lang Son Province Hydropower Station and the mountain rose hydropower station have to call China Huatong Electrical and mechanical group, thanks for Vietnam Lang Son Province Huatong electrical power plant, hill rose hydropower station construction to provide high performance products, and hopes that both sides strengthen cooperation.
It is understood, Lang Son Province hydropower station design power of 20000 kilowatt, year electricenergy production of approximately 120000000 degrees, is currently the largest hydropower station in vietnam. The mountain rose design of hydroelectric power station power 8000 kilowatt, year electricenergy production of approximately 50000000 degrees. In April this year, two hydroelectric station builds basically, and supporting equipment for the international tender. The electrical and mechanical group company and many domestic enterprises to actively participate in, Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other international electrical giant is also involved in the bidding. Electrical end with excellent quality and superior cost-effective defeats numerous opponents, to obtain the value of about 8000000 yuan of complete sets of equipment and transformer supply contract.